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and so many victims have been treated. >> they're still there. >> exactly. adam housley is there with the late hes. good morning, adam, are we hearing anything more about his condition or the extent of his injuries? >> reporter: we're still getting bits and pieces of information, but no update at this hour. we haven't heard anything really for a couple of hours here. we do know he's in the serious condition at the hospital with a number of gunshot wounds. one to his head or neck area, another one to his leg. we also know there are other injuries as well. more superficial. and that at least one of the gunshot wounds came from the initial shootout that killed his brother. of course, his brother was pronounced dead officially here at beth israel hospital. we can tell you that at this hour, there's still significant police presence all around this hospital. for that matter around this medical complex, which is a large campus in boston. every entrance and exit has a number of police officers posted. there were nine at one point in the entrance behind me. they're down to about
. this morning,esque treated as we said at beth israel hospital in boston. that's where adam housley is live with the latest. adam? >> reporter: yeah, heather. we saw some of the same scenes driving through the city over to this hospital after we learned he was being taken here. we followed authorities over to this direction. as you drove through boston, you could see the people coming out of the streets. in fact, at one point about 500 college students had shut down one of the streets in boston, cheering as first responders drove by. others had to turn away. then we came here where the suspect was brought. his brother was brought here as well. he died here, of course. his brother. and some of the victims from monday's bombings were also brought here and some continued to recover here. at this hour he's in serious condition. we do not know if he's out of the operating room and where that situation is. we've not been updated as you might imine. the hospital is not saying much. the fbi won't give us much until later on this morning. our contacts have quieted down a bit. a lot of people getting
scout their talent, adam housley, a co-worker who played a little bit of ball, i understand. >> and just a little bit of college hoops this, one just wrapping up. a tough defensive matchup between two of the best teams, louisville, a first seed, and duke. the game was close early on, only 3-point difference by the half. louisville playing the second half without one of the star players, kevin ware going down after a gruesome injury, hard to watch, a broken leg, and cardinals winning 85-63. they will play what would seem like cinderella, invincible team if you watched it last night. a great game in the final four. michigan with an easier win over florida. pummelling the gator. they would keep a double digit lead. and michigan facing syracuse in atlanta. "hot-lanta," born there, detail you don't care about. baseball is back and the season kicks off with the houston astros hosting the texas rangers. while america's past time may look the same on the field shall the way that many fans and experts see the game may have completely changed. adam housley explains. >> the crack of t
and generosity. >> we have fox team coverage. adam housley in boston with the latest on the investigation, but we begin with mike tobin in watertown. mike, we're hearing from some of those recovery, namely the thrift police officer richard donohue. >> exactly. there's reason to be optimism for his recovery. he was fully engaged in a gun battle with the two bombing suspects. he was hit by a single bullet to the leg. it didn't hit a bone, sever nerves, but it severed three arteries, including the major one, the femoral artery. he lost so much blood his heart stopped. took doctors 45 minutes to get his heart beating again, but now that he's bouncing back his brother is expressing nothing but pride. >> as a brother, fellow officer, and as an american i cannot describe the pride i have how dick, other officers, and emergency personnel acted early friday morning. with complete disregard to their own safety, officers withstood a barrage of gunfire and explosives more reminiscent of a war zone than a quiet suburban street. >> and there was a wake today for 29-year-old crystle campbell, a restaurant manag
and generosity. >> as you have seen we have fox team coverage tonight adam housley with the latest on the investigation. we begin with mike tobin in watertown, massachusetts. asi from the reflection we are hearing promising news about those recovering namely the transit police officer richard donahue. >> exactly. there is reason to be optimistic for the recovery of that gravely wounded transit officer richard donahue. he is an individual who is fully engaged in a gun battle with the two bombing suspects. he was hit by a single bullet to the leg. it didn't hit any bone or severe any nerve but it severed three arteries including the major won the femoral artery. he lost so much blood his heart stopped took 45 minutes to get his heart beating regularly again. now that he is bouncing back his brother is expressing nothing but pride. >> as a brother a fellow officer and american i cannot describe the pride i have for dick and the other emergency officers. with complete disregard of their own safety they with stood a barrage of gun fire and explosives more like a war zone as a quiet subu
,ar a homeowner noticed a trail of blood. on his way to the hospital, where adam housley is standing by, joining us live. and adam, any word on his condition? is he still in surgery? >> reporter: yeah, gregg. we are told he is still in surgery. he has multiple gunshot wounds and surface wounds. he came here in pretty rough shape. doctors do say he will make it through. this ithe same hospital his brother was brought to you. they tried to revive his brother, but he died here. this is where novak suspect 2 in surgery. all the way outside, you can see a number of officers. this one has nine police officers. when you go inside, you can see them wandering around. this large campus of beth israel,ul find police officers, including at the children's hospital across the street. they are taking no chances here. we are told there are guards on the floor where the surgery's taking place. they are not afraid he is going to get away, but they want to ensure that no one gets to him. they want to make sure he is in complete lockdown, so if he does recover, for them, as part of this investigation, they will be
and that it's time to move on. we have fox team coverage tonight with two explosive stories. adam housley in los angeles talks exclusively to a special operator who says military help was available, despite what the administration has said. but we begin with accusations that the president's people are making threats against benghazi witnesses. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports from the state department on oincredibly serious charge before congress starts a new round of hearing. good evening, james. >> good evening. secretary of state told lawmakers he doesn't want to spend the next year to come to capitol hill to talk about benghazi. new charges from within his own department could make that a reality. >> fox news has learned that at least three career state department employees and at least one more at the central intelligence agency have retained lawyers. or are in the process of doing so. in order that they can provide sensitive information to congress about benghazi. the four consider themselves whistle blowers and want their counsel to receive the security clearances
of boston. adam housley joins us, what is the latest on this suspect? we can see the picture. he came to the hospital on a stretcher. >> yes. by a stretcher, we're trying to confirm what the two are there have been some suggestions of how many times he was shot and that kind of thing. we're working to get the injuries he's been -- facing. we're told he's in surgery. the information coming up as you know should come out right away but everybody taking their time to ensure they get right information. i'll tell you here there is a significant police presence. but there are police officers at every entrance, every exit. beth israel a large campus along brookline avenue here. over the childrens hospital a significant police presence wex drove through boston. interesting to see stores were opening up, restaurants opening up. pizza joints opening up, people started to get back to normalcy. it became, you drive through two college campuses. about 800 students were on the streets here in boston and have stopped traffic, cheering with flags and signs and any emergency personnel as we are there
? correspondent adam housley has part 2 of our exclusive investigation. >> make no mistake. justice will be done. >> seven months and still no arrest or targeted killings after the brutal attack on two u.s. locations in benghazi, libya, killing four americans. despite promises that those responsible would be hunted down and held accountable. however, multiple sources tell fox news that the u.s. has identified benghazi attack who was still in libya and walks free. >> we basically don't want to upset anybody. and the problem is if ambassador stevens' family knew that we were sitting on information about the people who killed their son, their brother, and we could look them as a government in the face, then we are messing up. we're messing up. >> fox news spoke exclusively with this special operator who watched the events unfold in realtime and debriefed those who were part of the response. he remains anonymous for his safety and has decided to talk because he says he and others connected with the september 11th attacks of benghazi are frustrated with the executions, lies and lack of a military res
housley is live tonight in boston. good evening, adam. >> good evening, bret. suspect number 2 which he is also known as remains in the hospital here well enough being being checked by his doctors allow for extraordinary hearing with a federal magistrate judge and public defender at his bedside as doctors are insistent that he will survive. >> under intense security with officers stationed in his room and through throughoue israel hospital dzhokhar march tsarnaev is now charged with using a weapon of mass destruction by means of explosive device. the white house says tsarnaev will not be treated as enemy combatant. >> we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice under u.s. law. united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. >> the 19-year-old remains in serious but stable condition. fbi agents say he has multiple injuries including gunshot wounds to the head, neck, legs and hand and spent considerable time in surgery friday night. in response to the arraignment. attorney general eric holder said in a statement, quote: although our investigati
to it claiming it was self-defense. adam housley with the news live from our west coast newsroom. adam, and the prosecutor is now cross-examining the defense witness i guess the fireworks are back. >> you can't make this stuff stuff up. today the prosecution surprisingly had a chance to cross-examinen before the day was over. because no court on fry does. keep it until the end of the day the jury would have to go home for the weekend and contemplate what they heard the last four days that travis alexander was a mental abuser according to this witness. the defense ended their questioning allowed the prosecutor to cross-examine and it got heated he talks about everything from snow white and the seven dwarfs to an aggressive cross-examination which led to this. take a prison. >> you interviewed them. you have questions. do you an assessment. >> so when you are interviewing you are not talking then, right? >> mr. martinez. >> my question is. >> mr. martinez, are you angry at me? [ laughter ] >> ma'am, is that relevant to you is that angry to you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please refrain fro
did dismiss that juror. well, let's get an update on today's shenanigans. adam housley is with us. the defense's domestic violence expert is back on the stand and the prosecutor grilled her about jodi areas' truthfulness? >> yes, shepard. in fact they just finish 30 seconds ago for the day. he tried to make some headway. there were a lot of side bars, a lot of fighting. the jury was asked do leaf a couple of times. you mentioned how the defense claims he has been combative with the witnesses you can say that's pretty much true as he goes after their stories. did he make some headway showing that jodi arias may have told defense witness different stories. saying that jodi arias may not have told her everything. also he got her to admit that there is no evidence, no physical evidence to show domestic abuse. take a listen. >> the words never indicated that he ever hit her, correct? >> correct. >> the words never indicated that he ever choked her, correct? >> correct. >> the words never indicated any other physical act towards her, correct. >> indicated criminal behavior. >> acts? >>
ex-boyfriend. so she might be painting an incomplete picture of the victim. i told you. adam housley live. that witness and prosecutor have been going it the it all day. the prosecutor right away started going after her. today the first full day of cross-examination, his foot was on the gas pedal the entire time going after her. it seems like every other minute the judge is having to call the attorneys up. they asked jury to leave the room a number of times as they battle over every single question. even bringing up here towards the end of the day something about a manifesto which got the jury thinking. we are supposed to hear more about that tomorrow. what he is do show this woman is paid and of course is going to support jodi areas. >> ma'am, it appears, just from that exchange u that you have a bias here, don't you? you have a bias in favor of the defendant and against mr. alexander just by this minor example, don't you? >> no, i don't. >> that was one of the fuse easy answers. about 10 minutes ago he starts talking about a manifesto and how jodi areas may have signed some autogra
coincidentally gplyriel -9 t onald trump are some of the people to follow. >> adam housley reported that i was one ofow u5 people that jod arbms fol and she does through friends they showtyp in that litusle pie andr s er hrmwssthoentma. mark geragos is the a irhor mil re andntly of the brand new mistrial which we almost had in the jodi arias's tsme. is it her idea to be tweeting norunts to the prosecutor? good to see you. you look all cleaned k t. >> i got rid of the geraldo husband tash. th -- mustache. >> i grs l. >> ie the old dnot time lahoilet >> if i had a share here. >> here life is on the line is she treating? >> has a lot of athe aruse ssit this prosecutor. she is tweeting, she. >> i pronent is broken alto sof the rules for any rule become from the spin on the stand forow unow hes on toiendnn st ti wenti wae cuffs. my -- the injure knee gets to know they are they won't want to mhey l heam andiendven in those notes that e sur ors were sending in in you noti andd that they referred tos s s. mitt area, jod. it wasn't ch berp that ch-- e re> i thi wh you are ag,ol ir p>igrou. it is im
, of course, in beth israel hospital, being treated this overnight. adam housley is there live with an update. adam? >> reporter: yeah. he is in surgery right now. his brother was brought here with multiple wounds and did not survive. we are told he was brought here, of course, and will survive, even though he is in very serious condition. there are guards outside and inside his hospital. to my right is one of the entrances, i count nine police officers on the outside and you can see others inside. near the operating room, there are officers and there will be officers, of course, posted when he goes into recovery, wherever that may be in the hospital at beth israel. at least two gunshot wounds, one to the han, one to the head. they have other wounds, they say, but they are more superficial. but they believe he is going to make it tonight. we were told they gave him a cat scan as well. but he is in very critical condition, but expected to make it here at beth israel. >> all right. we don't yet know whether he has been questioned at all. we do know they decided there would be no miranda rights
that they have as this investigation continues. >> adam housley, reporting live from the hospital where suspect number 2 is in surgery, adam, thanks very much. >> of course, the hunt for the boston marathon bombing suspects did end in cheers. it was less than seven miles from the finish line. take a look at the scene hours ago. bostonnians, celebrating the capture of the second of two suspected bombers. the other one of was killed in a firefight with police, two 24 hours ago. mike tobin is in watertown, massachusetts, where the cry of we got him could surely be heard. mike? >> reporter: it certainly could be heard. certainly felt by people. this is the location, yamy, where this painful chapter in the boston marathon tragedy, one of them, anyway, closed. that's the house. you talked about the driveway, where the boat's at the end of it. it's right there. the owner came out, saw the trail of blood and called police. now, there was concern that dzhokhar tsarnaev was strapped with explosives, there is a gun battle that ensued. but it resolved without further loss of life. a terrific police presenc
bearing. he posts the messages for her online. adam housley is live in los angeles with the very latest. adam? >> reporter: rick, we've done this story before a couple years ago actually now how inmates were able to go on some social network sites really through other parties. it is not too much of a surprise that joed jed is doing this. what is shows once been more odd things coming out of this courtroom and in case. every day it is something new. every day it you something like her on top of her head, standing on her head in the interrogation room in 2008, to know this. one. tweets, said after all i've been through amazing i'm not gay. another tweet she basically insinuates that the prosecutor has little man syndrome. she is definitely in her way fighting back. donovan bearing, it mentioned the friend. right now followers they have. they follow only a few people, they follow believe it or not geraldo rivera, one of our own of course. gabrielle giffords and donald trump. just a few of the people that jodi arias is following. she has 260074 followers. this all goes on of course each day
recovering. geraldo? >> geraldo: adam housley in boston. thanks for the updates. of all of the twists and turns perhaps none is more shocking than the fact that the feds were warned. they were arounded that the dead older brother tamerlan had turned to the dark side. did they share that information with the boston p.d.? that is next. [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "multivitamin" and "multiple choice," come to walgreens for help finding the one that's right for you... like centrum. now, get four dollars off select centrum products with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy. for over 30 years. and it's now the most doctor recommended, the most preferred and the most studied. so when it comes to getting the most out of your multivitamin, the choice is clear. centrum. hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out. ... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free. exciting and would always come max and pto my rescue.ookstore but as time passed, i started to not
in the day after a wild shootout. we've got jam packed hour today. adam housley is outside beth israel hospital where suspect number 2 is under guard. catherine herridge is following the investigation. here in studio is america's mayor, mayor rudy guiliani. first let's go to adam in boston. bring us up to date on the very latest. >> yes. we're hearing from the f.b.i. there may be a statement coming out at some point in the next couple of minutes. we haven't heard from them since last night. we heard about the suspect brought here in certificates condition. i'll step away. you can see the police presence is here at the hospital in boston. it's been here all night. every exit and entrance is covered. the floor where the suspect number 2 dzhokhar tsarnaev is located has police presence as well, as you might imagine outside his room and on the hospital floor. anybody going in, coming out of this hospital has to have their bag checked, as well as their i.d we also have the picture from the ambulance. you can see the condition he was brought in. we've been told there were a number of injurie
hour today. adam housley is outside beth israel hospital where suspect number 2 is under guard. catherine herridge is following the investigation. here in studio is america's mayor, mayor rudy guiliani. first let's go to adam in boston. bring us up to date on the very latest. >> yes. we're hearing from the f.b.i. there may be a statement coming out at some point in the next couple of minutes. we haven't heard from them since last night. we heard about the suspect brought here in certificates condition. i'll step away. you can see the police presence is here at the hospital in boston. it's been here all night. every exit and entrance is covered. the floor where the suspect number 2 dzhokhar tsarnaev is located has police presence as well, as you might imagine outside his room and on the hospital floor. anybody going in, coming out of this hospital has to have their bag checked, as well as their i.d we also have the picture from the ambulance. you can see the condition he was brought in. we've been told there were a number of injuries. at least two gun gunshot wounds. one into th
happened in benghazi last september 11th is flawed. our own adam housley spoke to someone who was at the compound in benghazi, libya as the attack was happening. his story contradicts the obama administration's claim that there was no way help could have gotten there in time to save lives that night. adam housley joins us live from los angeles with more. adam? >> reporter: megyn, actually the story contradicts three time lines. if you look at them all, most recently it's the department and a lot of different accounts out there. we talked to a lot of sources over the last five and a half months, many of them afraid to come forward, some telling me directly they were threatened. this man is the first one to take the chance to step forward and say something ed done. >> i know for a fact that c-110 was doing a training exercise in thenf northern africa and has the ability to react and respond. >> reporter: in laymen's terms, a 40-man special operations force capable of rapid response and deployment specifically trained for incidents like the attack in benghazi. that night they wer
-examination to begin of this final defense witness. >> shepard: adam housley from los angeles. thanks very much. a former volunteer firefighter and his girlfriend sparked most of the 70 fires that have ranged across virginia's eastern shore over the past five months. now that couple is under arrest it. it happened today, the two face arson and conspiracy charges in connection with this latest fire which broke out late monday at an aback donned building in the middle of the woods. >> we are confident that bondick and smith are responsible for the majority of the fires set since november 12th of last year. we have been very, very fortunate that no one has injured in any of these arsons. >> shepard: well, investigators say almost all the fires happened at night in empty buildings, a lot of times out in the middle of nowhere. police spokeswoman called these new arrests the beginning of the end. man who spent more than four decades for arson walk free amid questions whether he was wrongfully convicted. his name was lewis taylor. he was but 17 years old when he was accused of starting a fire in tucso
that but not that she stabbed him 27 times and can't remember the throat slitting part. adam housley is in our west coast newsroom. >> still the cross-examination of the psycho therapist on the stand for a third full straight day. this he they continue to battle with her, the d.a. and the defense witness. the judge has to add monday nish her and martinez is getting truss freighted. he -- frustrated. at one point she basically admits there's a possibility that the defendant could have had stalking behavior if she takes what juan martinez is putting out as facts. take a listen. >> isn't it true that mr. alexander, extremely afraid of the defendant, jodi arias, based on her stalking behavior? >> he said. >> no, don't tell me what he said. isn't it -- just answer my question. >> he was afraid of her, yes. >> because of her stalking behavior, correct? >> correct. >> reporter: that was a high point for the prosecution tocchet the defense witness to admit alexander was afraid of jodi arias. it was contention it was all about alexander, thamentally and her and she had nothing to do with it and that's why s
have team fox coverage tonight. adam housley at the hospital in boston. first to catherine herridge in our d.c. newsroom. some dramatic information that indictment. >> shep, according to these court documents, some of the most compelling preliminary evidence comes from surveillance video and one eyewitness. during the carjacking thursday night before a shootout with police one of the brothers said, quote: did you hear about the boston explosion? i did that." court records also filed this afternoon show that tsarnaev brothers walked into boylston street together 11 minutes before the explosions, each with a backpack. they split up. one heading for the finish line and the other toward the forum restaurant, the site of the second explosion. 30 seconds before the first blast the younger brother started fidgeting with his phone presumably the method of at the time donation. everyone turned around except 19-year-old suggesting foreknowledge of the attack? indictment. they haven't been indicted. in that complaint we learn more about this other suspect. the one who died in the shootout with
of catherine herridge and adam housley sat down with a one on one exclusive. had this man disguised his identity but he said that evening they didn't get the security and the military was told to stand down. he said they could have rushed in and helped. listen. >> we the ability to get our birds and fly there at a minimum stage. c-110 had the authority to be there in my opinion, four to six hours from their european theater. they would have been there before the second attack. they would have been there at a minimum to provide a quick reaction to facilitate them out of the problem situation. >> first of all, to be clear, that is not one of these people that victoria is representing. she is not willing to name these people. she won't say if they were on the ground at the time. issa has blown his credibility in so many different things. this would be the 21st hearing. 21st! you know what, 21st briefing they've talked about this. 25,000 documents and lets me say the state department like president obama says they have never heard about anybody claiming to be a wlis will blower about this.
at his hospital bedside. and there is more. the magistrate says he is lucid. adam housley is live in boston with the latest. adam? >> reporter: yeah, gret a. in fact, in the hospital behind me, there is significant security, downstairs and throughout the hospital. the u.s. marshal service has taken over the security situation of him specifically. they have marshalls by his room, in the hallway, all standard procedure when the macials take control. before that, it was local law enforcement and the fbi. so the marshalls will be in charge of him, until he is well enough to leave here. once that happen, he will fly out via helicopter, like whitey bowlser did. they feel like that's the best way to take him to his federal holding cell. how that went down today with the arraignment in his room, the federal magistrate was there, a public defender was there. he mostly answered with nods. obviously, he didn't speak a lot. that could be because there are reports of an injury to his neck. the fbi said neck/head region and to his leg and hand. he in serious conditionful he answered questions b
that jodi needed professional help. adam housley is live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. once again, adam, seeing video that paints a very different picture of this jodi arias. >> yeah, shepard, we found that video in the same room back in northern california in 2008 where she was getting interrogated where she talked about having makeup for a booking photo and she stood on her head. this video we uncovered came from that same room with her parents being interviewed by investigators. here's the way jodi arias' mother responded when the investigators said we have a lot of information that suggests jodi arias committed this murder. take a listen. >> how could somebody, you said this, come back and just be normal? >> i don't know. and jodi has mental problems. jodi would freak out all the time. i had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me i needed to get her some help. one called me in the middle of the night and told me she needed help. >> that video came just long after she had been interviewed by some the same investigators. her mother as we know has been in court ever
the stabbing. i mean, she knows it happened but can't remember that not the knife to the throat either. adam housley is in our west coast newsroom. this judge has been saying i'm sure many of you have heard this that the victim's family, the victim's family are not happy about these tweets. >> yeah. in fact, there was a meeting in the judge's chambers. they started late this afternoon. we don't know if it's about this, shepard. can you speculate it could be. this is a topic of conversation, of course, all around the courthouse the last day. donovan bearing is the friend's name. and she is the one who has been talking to jodi arias and set this up account. they follow about 20 people including geraldo rivera and donald trump as well. there were a couple of other tweets of note as well. one where jody areas through donovan bearing said those effected with metal man's system generally good men who happen to be vertically challenged. that insinuating that the prosecutor is a short man. the second tweet is no i don't have a girlfriend after all i have been through it's amazing i'm not gay. also a
martinez is coming under fire for his behavior outside the courtroom. adam housley live in l.a. with more. what is going on, adam. >> reporter: rick, another day, another issue in the jodi arias trial. day 47 by the way. you mentioned juan martinez. you might remember a couple of weeks ago there was talk about many being outside and signing autographs and shaking hands with people that were fans of this trial and maybe of his antics in the courtroom. they are going to have a hearing and address that this morning. they are bringing in a producer from another network, grace wong has a video of this happening outside the courthouse. that will be addressed momentarily. the jury will not be present for that. as the report goes martinez was outside shaking hand signing autographs. there is the producer right there that will be testifying today in front of the judge at least. and then of course the defense filed a motion for mistrial based on this. the judge is now going through all this. it will be discussed this morning. meantime we also know that alice laviolette the final defense witness was
we have brand-new video of her parents in a police interrogation. adam housley seems to get all this brand-new video. he is live from los angeles with more. >> reporter: that juror dismissed by the way there are still 17 jurors and they'll seat the jurors now with less alternates when it eventually goes to the jury. it's really not a huge deal that the juror is gone. again, one of the twists and turns in this case and that comes to this video we're talking about. you might remember a couple of weeks ago we had that video of jodi arias being intertpwaeuted back in northern california back in 2008 when investigators knew she kheutd the crime but was giving them other stories. she was standing on her head and doing all these crazy things. we've recovered more video from the same time when investigators were interviewing her parents. this is her mother talking about stkwroed r-r back in 2008. take a listen. -- jodi arias back in 2008. take a listen. >> how could somebody, you said she did this come become and just be normal. >> i don't know. >> jodi has mental problems. jodi would f
by the bombs on monday are still recovering. geraldo? >> geraldo: adam housley in boston. thanks for the updates. of all of the twists and turns perhaps none is more shocking than the fact that the feds were warned. they were arounded that the dead older brother tamerlan had turned to the dark side. did they share that information with the boston p.d.? that is next.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work. still doesn't feel real. our time together was... so short. well, since you had progressive's total loss coverage, we were able to replace your totaled bike with a brand-new one. the tank, the exhaust... well, she looks just like roxy! you know, i'll bet she's in a better place now. i'm sure she is. [ ethereal music plays ] [ motorcycle revving ] getting you back on a brand-new
affected when this bombing happened last monday at the boston marathon. let's go to adam housley who is still standing by live for us. i understand you were just in the specific area, the mayor saying this will be a strategic effort to reopen the businesses, a lot of businesses affected. they say they will check out everything five steps from environmental testing to building stability. what did you see when you were just down there? >> for those that haven't been to boston. it runs into the bostons common. it's very popular area. we drove down newberry street which is parallel to boylston street. i have to tell you in the last five or six years, it's as crowded as i've ever seen. people coming from all over people three and four deep to get the glimpse as the activity continued on every single block. you say authorities and white tents, but at the same time it did appear they were starting to break down some of those areas while the barricades were still up. some of the locations were starting to be put away. you can see the preparation in place to reopen some of the areas on boylst
this went down. the latest on the investigation. first we want to go to adam housley live in front of beth israel hospital on the suspect's condition. do we know if he is alert or conscious? >> well, we don't know that for sure. in fact, we do expect some sort of conference or information to come out this morning from the hospital. i can tell you this. that we're told he is in serious condition. simple way. outside they still have a significant police presence here. right now six officers out front. anybody who goes inside that hospital has to have proper identification. they check bags, purses, whatever it may be. you are seeing this type of security all over the hospital. this is a large campus here in boston. beth israel is where he was brought. same hospital where his brother was brought and was pronounced officially dead. also the same hospital where a number of those people that were injured from the blast saw monday were brought as well. some of them are still recovering. we are told there are at least two injuries that he has that are due to gunshot wounds. one of those definitely
, then? >> okay. that would be no. rick: adam housley with more from our west coast newsroom. adam? >> reporter: yeah, rick, just another day in the jodi arias murder trial. you mentioned that also this manifesto which we expect to hear more from this morning as well as contention by the prosecutor jodi arias having an iq like einstein. all this came out at the end of the day. they had a couple of side bars, at one point he turned to the judge, the prosecutor turned to the judge and said we'll start this again tomorrow and they ended the day a bit early. we're all waiting to see how this begins this morning. the prosecutor is extremely aggressive with the final defense witness, alice violet. she claims she is victim of mental abuse but physical abuse at the hands of travis alexander the victim. the prosecutor says she is biased and of course she will say that listen to the back and forth tweern the two yesterday. >> in your notes, doesn't it indicate that the defendant actually signed copies of the manifesto in case she became famous? >> i believe those were in my notes. >> and aga
housley is live in the west coast bureau with more. adam? >> reporter: jenna, day 42 of the jodi arias murder trial, as you mention there have been no normal days during this trial. last thursday which was the final court day of the week might have been the most odd day we've seen in court in any case in a very long time. the final defense witness did finish. we'll get to her in a second. i want to talk about this woman, also part of that day on thursday. juror number five you might remember was dismissed by the judge. the defense claimed this juror said something in a interview pros incorrect about the case or something about the prosecutor the we don't know exactly enough to where they asked for her to be dismissed. she was but she showed up in court on thursday, sitting there in the public area that anybody can go watch this trial was really shook things up in the courtroom. our reporter did catch up with her afterwards. here is what she had to say about being on this jury, take a listen. >> i took that case very seriously, you know. because it is serious. you they somebody's life i
a mistrial now claiming juror misconduct. and that's not all. it never really is. adam housley joins us live from los angeles with more on that. adam. >> reporter: yeah, something new every day it seems like. day 39 of the jodi arias murder trial, 14th week. as you phepbgd there wil mentioned there will be an evidentiary hearing this morning. the defense made a complaint that the prosecutor was outside taking pictures and signing autographs. and that the jurors may have seen that. apparently juror number 55 female may have said something. they are asking for a motion for mistrial alleging juror misconduct. if -- if that is turned down by the judge they ask for juror number 5 to be dismissed. another twist and turn in this murder trial. the last defense witness is on her third day on the stand. basically she is laying out the whole reason why she believes jodi arias was mistreated by traffic is alexander going through emails where he called her names and basically trying to prove domestic abuse by travis aleastbound apbd der. take a listen. >> there was information about mr. a alapbd der call
of that battle. so there are big questions ahead of the president's news conference this morning. adam housley joins me live on this in los angeles. good morning, adam. >> reporter: good morning, martha. we talked to a number of people over the course of the last four months or five months as this goes forward and all said the same thing. no one would go on camera. fours sources i personally spoke to would not on because of personally where they stood. that changed with this source that not only could they have been there in time but should have been there in time. >> i know for a fact, c-110 the ucom was doing a training exercise in the region of northern africa but in europe and they had the ability to react and respond. >> reporter: the c-110 is commanders and extremist force. in layman's terms, 40-man special operations force capable of rapid response and deployment specifically trained for incidents like the attack in benghazi. they were training in croatia that night just 3 1/2 hours away. >> we have the ability to load out, get on birds and fly there at a minimum stage. c-110 had the ab
admonish the witness. jenna: we may all need a timeout every now and then. adam housley is covering the case since the beginning. he is live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: report wouldn't that be great to say to someone we'll give you a time out and start this thing over in three or four minutes. there is probably times in the trial that would be a good thing. that really didn't surprise a lot of us. a harry met salary ref lens came up as well yesterday. once again the third full day of cross-examination of this final defense witness. the domestic abuse expert alice laviolette. less what happened after that point, after he asked the judge to admonish her he did make he got her to admit even if jodi arias lied to her she could have come to the same conclusion that jodi arias was abused person, abused by travis alexander. he got her to come to the point that there is no physical evidence of any abuse ever. take a listen to this exchange. >> the words never indicated that he ever hit her, correct? >> correct. >> never indicated that he choked her, correct. >> correct. >> the wo
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